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 The FeelRo Helper Guild Rules

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PostSubject: The FeelRo Helper Guild Rules   Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:18 pm

[GM]Celestia wrote:

Guild Information
The Official FeelRO Helper Guild is supposed to be a guild full of members who are devoted to help new players on FeelRO.
People who love to hang around in the "newbie" towns [Prontera/Ostia]
and the areas where new players level their characters most are welcome
to join this Guild and help inexperienced players and people who recently
joined our server with questions about NPCs, builds, places to level for
different classes, and other things that might be asked.

§1 General rules
First of all the general FeelRO rules apply to the FeelRO helper Guild of course.
Especially rude behaviour from Helpers won't be tolerated in any way.
Helpers are supposed to be a guide for the people on our server,
therefore they should act polite and be helpful in all possible ways.
If any Helper behaves against the rules, players should report it to
feel-celestia@gmx.net or PM me.

§2 PVP / WoE
The people joining should be aware of the fact that this ain't a WoE Guild.
Therefore they should think about with which character they will join.
Supportive classes (especially priests) are a priority.
PVP should be limited since the guild is supposed to help people and not to kill them.

§3 Heal, Buffs, Item/Zeny Supply
If you belong to a support class you are supposed to help people who need buffs or heal in any case.
You don't have to follow people who don't want/need your help but if
someone asks you to support him/her you should do so if you don't have any other support to do.
If someone asks for Items/Zeny you should not give out anything,
but should tell him/her how/where to get Items/Zeny of course, or offer
him/her to support him getting those.
If someone asks you to farm him something, you must not do so.
You are supposed to help players, not to be a free farming service.
If you feel like helping someone who asks for help with farming stuff
or getting levels you can do so but don't let people use you as tools in order to get items/levels.

How to become a Helper?
PM me your request on the forums, send me an email or talk to
me whenever you see me ingame.
When I take you into the guild you'll have to pass a trial
period which lasts about 2-4 weeks, depending on your activity.
If you aren't active enough or if there are serious complaints
(e.g. screenshots of you which violate the rules of our server in any way)
from players about your behaviour towards them you might
loose your position as helper.

Are Helpers different from other players? Is it some kind of estate?
Yes. First of all, FeelRO Helpers have visual distinction:

-special helper auras
-special helper hats
-special helper colors (in future)

Also, there is a special helper chat, which makes supporting and communication easy for helpers as well as for players.

In the end of each month we will select the best helper and reward him.

Finally, we take care of our helpers, especially if they are good helpers. Helper - is not just a word, its a special status, which involves protection from rudeness from player's side and such. Undeserved insulting a helper equates with insulting a GM.

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The FeelRo Helper Guild Rules
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