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 Pocky's Application

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PostSubject: Pocky's Application   Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:17 am

1. Have you read and understood the rules of the Helper Guild?

Yes, I have read and completely understand the rules of the Helper Guild posted here.

2. Most active characters and main:

Three of them:
- Pocky Sanctuary, a Level 99 High Priest [for supporting my friends]
- Pocky Rangemaster, a Level 99 Sniper [for hunting]
- Pocky Shuriken, a Level 99 Super Baby [for fun and chatting with the others while increasing my pet's intimacy]

3. Name and class of character you would add to the guild:

I'd like to add Pocky Shuriken, my Super Baby, to the Helper Guild. Smile

4. You are aware that this character will not be able to PvP or Woe?

Yes, since I can't find WoE or PvP interesting, and this Super Baby will surely died instantly after she entered the PvP Room or the WoE Castle.

5. Country you live in:

I was born and grew in Indonesia, in it's capital city, Jakarta.

6. What days are you active and how many hours?:

Aside from eating and sleeping and doing other activities that can't possibly be done in front of my computer, I daresay I have nothing to do during my unendurably-long-holiday except being online virtually all the time. Therefore, before August 11th 2009, I'm allowed to be online 24 hours a day. After that particular date, however, I'm going to have other things which undoubtedly will occupy a large space in my mind, and consequently, my schedule: university's mundane homework, projects, task, etc. For the next one month following August 11, I'll only be able to satiate my thirst for online activities for more or less 3 hours a day. During the months after that, I predict I'll only have enough time to be online from Friday night until Sunday Evening. Not long enough, evidently, but I believe that has fulfilled the minimum online time requirement.

7. How long have you been playing RO?

About a year and 8 months. Plus 10 days. I remembered I started playing RO on Christmas 2007. Smile

8. Have you played other servers? If so, which?

Yes. I've played IdRO, the Indonesian Server for RO for about a year. Then I stopped playing it due to my must in preparing for the final exam at high school.

9. How long have you been in FeelRO?

I've been playing this game for about 3 months. I started playing it a day after my final exam has done, without thinking about the exam result. Razz

10. Previous/Current Guild/s:

Defiance and Radiance. Radiance is the 'sister' of Defiance, since Defiance can't take more members anymore. It's a guild which members are all Indonesians and they are all my classmates. Defiance won't ask anything from someone who wants to join them. It's a free-registering-guild. Smile

11. Your most played job/class - or most valuable
experiences at those for your helper job:

I played Acolyte Class, Archer Class, and Taekwon Class a lot. For the other classes, I knew about them from my friends, questions asked through the help channel, and my characters from various classes which are growing now. The more I use them, the more I know about them. The information about RO I found from websites are not always implemented similarly to FeelRO, so I consider them as puzzle pieces. Pick information that are similarly implemented, take some from there and some from here, collect them together, and.. voila! My precious-exact-information that I need to be a decent, appropriate helper. Smile

12. Are there jobs/classes you might not know everything about yet?

I might know just a bit about jobs that I've never played with, but I don't 'not know everything about them'. My best friend has jobs that I don't have, so I often asked her about them, and the information she gave are undoubtedly useful and can come in handy to answer the questions asked in the Help Channel.

13. Do you know how to use the Help Channel?

Yes, and it's one of my sources to find out the things I don't know. I find Help Channel helps me a lot. From not knowing, to knowing. And from just sitting and waiting answers from other players, to helping them as much as I can. Smile

14. Do you know how to find item IDs, Monster IDs, various locations and other things players might ask you about?

Yes I do. When I can't find the information I need from the game (from the commands I mean), I tried ratemyserver.net or ragnafilia.com [Indonesian RO website], because sometimes, the information from the game is not complete, and those two websites are the best.

15. Do you think you will be able to watch the help channel and
help out as much as you can due to your current knowledge?

Consider to my experiences in answering questions from the Help Channel, not being over-confident or something, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to help other players by answering their questions. Maybe there's a time when I can't answer one of their problems, but I will try to find the answer either by googling, or ask my friends.

16. What would you do if a problem with one of your guildmembers occurs?

Most of the time, I'll stay quiet. That is, if the problem is not a big deal. But if he/she keeps on arguing about it, then I expect him/her not to argue about it via 'Send to Guild' chat room. I hope he/she want to come with me to a place where there's no one there, and we can solve the problem while watching the great views of the towns of RO. Maybe a cup of tea or coffee to give a final touch of having a nice discussion. I'm not the type of people who prefer to end a problem by force.

17. What languages do you speak?

Surely, Bahasa. But I've been learning English since I'm 5, and I've intended English Class until now. Other languages are Japanese, Chinese, and Cantonese. But I rarely speak in the last 3 mentioned.

18. Lastly, why do you want to become a helper and what would you add to our team?

I want to be a helper, because:
-I kinda like to help other players. I know it sounds cheesy to say such thing, but I have the feeling of satisfaction after helping other players. That feeling came when they said "Thank You" to me. I especially liked when they said it this way: "Thank you! XD". I liked the "XD" emo. Sounds like they really do appreciate my help. Way different from those who only say "ty". But "ty" itself can satisfy me much enough.

-By helping them, then they'll know more about FeelRO and they can keep playing it without dying in bore due to lack of knowing [Myself for example, I find playing games that I don't really know is boring]. By knowing more about FeelRO, they can find this game interesting, and they'll tell their friends to play FeelRO too. More player, more fun. Smile

19.Any Additions, Referrals from Helpers?

I'm just hoping that all of the helpers will keep sticking together in a nice, peaceful guild. Smile

Thanks for reading my application and have a nice day. Very Happy,

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PostSubject: Re: Pocky's Application   Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:20 am


Unfortunately, you applied in the wrong area. Looked nice though

Re-apply here.

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PostSubject: Re: Pocky's Application   Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:53 am

oops. sorry! Embarassed
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PostSubject: Re: Pocky's Application   

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Pocky's Application
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