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 Application for Helper Team.

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PostSubject: Application for Helper Team.   Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:58 pm

1. Have you read and understood the rules of the Helper Guild?

- Yes, I completely understand all of the rules implemented and enforced by Helper Guild.

2. Most active characters and main:

- I have two active characters:
Rueful - Level 99 Stalker
Ruefulz - Level 99 High Priest

3. Name and class of character you would add to the guild:

- I would add my High Priest, Ruefulz, to the guild due my lack of interest in participating in PvP or WoE with him.

4. You are aware that this character will not be able to PvP or Woe?

- I am completely and thoroughly aware of this character's restricted participation into PvP and WoE.

5. Country you live in:

- I live in the United States of America; namely California.

6. What days are you active and how many hours?:

- Due to my enrollment into Summer school this summer to knock out some credits in order to achieve and earlier graduation I cannot be online from the times of 7AM to roughly 10AM Monday through Thursday. I was just signed up for a class at Intel so I also cannot be online Monday evenings from 4PM-6PM. This schedule of sorts will follow through until the thirty-first of July to when I can be fully, if not fully already, active. Some of us have a life, but those like myself have less of a life than others so with that said, I'm online almost full time unless asked to do something around the house or run some kind of errand.

7. How long have you been playing RO?

- I've been playing RO before they made it "pay to play" so I've been playing since Beta. I actually was looking through a CD pile and found my RO Beta III CD in there and was quite surprised that I still had it. Anywho, thinking about the amount of time it's been when I picked up Ragnarok the first time on Chaos with my Priest I'd say it's been about seven or so odd years. After it became pay to play, I played some private servers and then "quit" RO about three years back for World of Warcraft to where I became a Guild Leader/Raid Leader/Top Druid DPS in the World. FeelRO is the server I've come back to to get back playing.

8. Have you played other servers? If so, which?

- I can only really think of two distinct servers that I spent more than a month or so on in my past private server RO experience. I played on Avalon/ExcaliburRO for quite some time when it was really large and popular with my level 255 Stalker named Okada. The other server that comes to the mind was the server that I was Head GM for, which was called Samedi/CombatCookieRO. The server was a high rate server that about the same size as FeelRO dedicated to PvP and enjoying one's time on the server. I did this job for about eight or so months before the Admin took the server down to revamp it and add in Soul Linkers, Star Gladiators and other customs. The admin decided though, at that point, that he was done hosting due to costs and time spent working and it never came back up. The server itself was in the top five on Ragnarok's Top 200 which was about the time RebirthRO was our main competitor and qRO (QualityRO), I believe and I could definitely be wrong about this, was the top server. At that point in time, I quit Ragnarok for World of Warcraft. If needed, I can provide screenshots or references to GM Position.

9. How long have you been in FeelRO?

- I've actually been in FeelRO for only a few weeks but have known about it for quite sometime since my sister (Succexy) is a GM.

10. Previous/Current Guild/s:

- Unfortunately the only guild I've been in is an inactive one. I guess Maelstrom was a pretty active guild back in the day, but I used it to just talk to the people I had met with when I first started this server and used the guild to level up since most other ones required applications for WoE.

11. Your most played job/class - or most valuable
experiences at those for your helper job:

- My most played classes are that of Stalkers, High Priests and Whitesmiths. I've definitely been out of the loop for a while so I've been doing a lot of reading to catch up on class changes, patches and new things being implemented. Also, while re-leveling these three classes, I did a lot of research on builds, gear, and cards in terms of options or paths in which to level and play my character at 99.

12. Are there jobs/classes you might not know everything about yet?

- As a GM I had every class down except for the newer classes that have been implemented, or rather, were being implemented. In the time that I've been on FeelRO though, I've received the opportunity to play and explore these classes while learning and trying things out with them. Also, I've paid pretty close attention to helper chat to learn about -other- things I didn't know that were asked by other players.

13. Do you know how to use the Help Channel?

- Yes, I know how to use it quite well.

14. Do you know how to find item IDs, Monster IDs, various locations and other
things players might ask you about?

- My Internet Browser happens to be Google Chrome and a nice little feature it upholds is that of taking my top nine most visited websites and turning them into pictures for me to just pick and choose as to where I want to go. Two of the nine websites listed there are the iRO Wikipedia and Ratemyserver sitting at my fingertips for me to to quickly, easily and efficiently use as needed for me or anyone else.

15. Do you think you will be able to watch the help channel and help out as much as you can due to your current knowledge?

- With my current knowledge of the game, I believe I could qualify myself to help out quite a bit. I will admit though, that I've been out of the loop with some of the newer RO stuff, but I've picked up a lot of it just watching Helpchat as much as I have and the reading that I do about the concepts that interest me. I can't say that I've got all of the answers, but that's why there are other helpers right? However, I wouldn't let that excuse allow me to be lazy and rely on them for everything I don't know because sometimes not many are on or maybe -no one- knows the answer. At that point, I can just privately message the one inquiring on what they've asked to give me a minute to quickly research their answer. Easy as that.

16. What would you do if a problem with one of your guildmembers occurs?

- If there was a problem with one of my peers in terms of a guild member, I'd expect them -privately- to bring it up with me just as I would expect them to want me to do so with them. This way things are privately discussed and it doesn't drag any others, especially others who have no concern being in the discussion, into it. Conflict, especially in war, leaves everyone a loser somehow-- No one likes being a loser.

17. What languages do you speak?

- I fluently speak English and believe that I have a pretty good grasp on it's linguistic form and literal competence. I also took two years of Spanish in High school but I don't know how far that'd really get me in terms of answering questions in Spanish.

18. Lastly, why do you want to become a helper and what would you add to our team?

- The reason I want to become a helper is because there are many points in the day where I don't feel interested in participating in the actual game play of RO. There are other times where I'd rather just sit around and converse with all those around me and I feel I could double task that with helping out. Being that I used to be a GM, I've got a lot of experience it this field and in a interesting way, sort of miss it. Sure there are those who are rude and crude and unappreciative, but there are a lot of those people in the world. I actually like reading the "Thank you!"s that I'd get from individuals asking questions about something they really don't know about and furtherly applying it to future play or using that information to pass on to others with the same question. I'd also like to introduce to people who don't know about amazing sites such as Ratemyserver that these sites exist for -their- convenience so that people could then become a little bit more self-sufficient. These things wouldn't be introduced over Helpchat unless necessary but would be done privately. I mean, I'm not trying to put you all out of the job but I've read many, many very lazily asked questions that could take someone very, very, little time to look up for themselves.

19.Any Additions, Referrals from Helpers?

- I can't say I'd like to have any referrals and would rather that the Helper Community read my application as a whole to make a decision.

Thanks. =]
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Helper Team.   Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:26 am

9 votes , 9 x Yes Wink congrats.
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Application for Helper Team.
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